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About Coding With Noah


Because it’s fun!!! Learning code should not be boring, it should be fun. I want you to have a great time building amazing projects. I think the best way for that to happen is to have a fun pressure-free environment. My primary goal for you is to learn all the basics so that you can go off and build the next thing, big or small. I think everyone should have access to this which is why all the classes free and all the class material is open source to the public. Even this website. :)

Class Structure

All classes are hands-on and are project-based, meaning there is a completed project at the end of the class. There is no grade, and thus there are no stupid questions. Welcome to a class without pressure or expectations. All you have to do is show up!!! :)

About Instructor

My name is Noah Glaser, by day I am a web developer, by night/weekend I am volunteer educator. I’ve been teaching for free for over 4 years and loving it. Right now I mostly focus on Arduino, but I am expanding into game development and possibly web dev as well. I also like to juggle and tell lousy dad jokes.

What can you expect?

I assume that you are starting from scratch. So you can expect that we’ll be going over everything from the ground up. Most classes are project-based meaning you learn by building. I don’t think I’ll ever teaching anything that is not hands on.

A lot of our classes use blockly, a free drag and drop language developed by Google. Blockly is an excellent way for people just starting because it allows them to focus on the concepts and not the weird symbols in programming.

All our classes are mixed, usually meaning people between the ages of 6 to 80 show up. Everyone is welcome!!! The classes are free, you can see a complete list here. We do have spare laptops, but if you have one, please bring one. :)

Contact Me

You can contact me at glaserpower [at] I usually respond to emails within 2 days. Feel free to email me your ideas for classes. I also have a slack channel, email me if you want access to it. There you can get your questions answered about lessons and scheduling.